Who We Are

About The Vivos Institute

The Vivos Institute, officially The Vivos Institute Toward the Advancement of Sleep Therapeutics, is a private research and training institution in Denver, Colorado.

The campus occupies 18,800 square feet and features lecture halls, meeting rooms and clinical training rooms.

Courses include advanced post-graduate, clinical and practical training. The Vivos Institute delivers courses accredited for continuing education for clinicians and their staff across the healthcare ecosystem. They are delivered by an academic staff of more than twenty experts.

To date, more than 17,000 hours of clinical and practical CE have been delivered to more than 500 clinicians and their staff.

The Vivos Institute was founded in 2016 by Vivos Therapeutics in partnership with more than twenty contributors. We admitted our first members on October 1, 2016.

The Vivos Institute is focused on delivering continuing education in the field of sleep diagnostics and therapeutics. Our Academic Advisory + Curriculum Committee includes professionals from across the medical ecosystem.

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Many of the courses delivered at The Vivos Institute qualify for PACE AGD continuing education credits. For detailed information, please see the prospectus for each course.


Sleep Therapeutics

Over the past decade, a new emphasis on sleep health has emerged among medical, dental and functional medicine practitioners. Recent research has revealed deeper understanding of the importance of healthy sleep. Evidence has emerged linking poor sleep hygiene, the effect of pervasive pharmaceutical use, nutrition and even developmental deficiencies to certain treatable sleep disorders.

At The Vivos Institute, we work to raise awareness and improve clinical and diagnostic acumen for healthcare providers. We take an integrated, multidisciplinary approach by bringing medical doctors together with dentists, functional medicine practitioners and mental health experts to deliver advanced care to patients suffering from unhealthy sleep.




At The Vivos Institute we focus on evidence-based outcomes and rigorous research. While recent advances in diagnostic technology have made it possible to examine sleep through a different set of lenses, there is still much we can learn.

Our approach is rigorously designed to ask the hard questions, apply the scientific method, track and measure outcomes and work to continuously improve.

While historically a great divide has existed amongst the professions charged with identifying sleep abnormalities and delivering treatment protocols, our work seeks to integrate a novel and seamless care structure with new methods, metrics, functional therapeutics and practical applications to achieve the best patient outcomes.


Medical Doctors

Unhealthy sleep is an often unrecognized and under-diagnosed medical condition, with a myriad of negative consequences on patients’ health and society as a whole. However, recent research as well and high profile deaths attributed to sleep related health conditions has created new interest by physicians and specialists across the healthcare ecosystem.

While most physicians are aware of traditional treatment modalities, many are questioning their efficacy. Patient compliance and apathy are causing certain physicians to explore more deeply.

The Vivos Institute has developed a complete integrated and multidisciplinary approach and delivers a new perspective, along with clinical acumen for physicians seeking to improve patient outcomes. The Vivos Institute provides advanced learning in treatment options and efficacy as well as a deeper understanding of treatment objectives and modalities.


Orofacial Connection

Oral appliances have been used by dentists for more than a decade to provide palliative relief from sleep disorders and often related symptoms such as bruxism, snoring, restless sleep and others.

However, recent discoveries have revealed an even deeper connection between dentofacial development and sleep disorders.

Courses at The Vivos Institute provide for investigation of these connections. Dentists and their staff attend advanced clinical and practical courses designed to simplify the integration of sleep therapeutics in the dental practice.

Experts in dentofacial development offer deeper insights into the origins and root causes of dentofacial developmental deficiencies and the latest dental orthotics used to aide in correction for such deficiencies.