Basic Medical Billing in the Dental Practice

Speaker: Chris Farrugia, DDS


Dental practices are filled with patients that pay monthly premiums for medical insurance policies. These policies have benefits available for services commonly rendered in dental practices across the country. Accessing medical benefits only requires the dental office to step out of their “dentocentric” view of their practice and into a medical view. In this course, dental practices will learn to separate the medical portion of their services from the dental, identify when to file for medically necessary services, and the basics of medical claim creation, submission and documentation.

The dentist plays a vital role in the claims process—attendance is HIGHLY encouraged.  All team members, from the front office to the clinical care team, will benefit from this engaging presentation. As patients grow to understand that medical insurance also covers some of the services you render, you and your team can become leaders in medical billing while also increasing case acceptance and improving the practice bottom line.


  1. Learn what can be billed to medical insurance
  2. Understand the basis for medical billing for dental practices
  3. Learn basic medical insurance terminology and concepts needed for success
  4. Understand the medical claims cycle and how it works from beginning to end
  5. Understand documented Medical Necessity needed for claims
  6. Learn ICD and CPT coding basics
  7. Understand the CMS1500 claim form and claim submission
  8. Understand the importance of team roles (including the doctor!) in claim success
  9. Learn how to bill everyday services such as exams, radiographs, CT, trauma, and more!
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Credits: 8.0


Course Categories: Self-Improvement 

Subject Code: 770

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Lecture

Prerequisites: NA

Sponsor(s): Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

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