How Vivos Is Quietly Building a Revolutionary Ecosystem for Sleep, Breathing, and Wellness

August 23, 2021

Nearly one billion adults worldwide suffer from some form of sleep apnea—and many of them don’t even realize it. In fact, over 80 percent of sufferers remain undiagnosed, untreated, and therefore left to question why they experience constant exhaustion.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that involves breathing that repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night. Not only can this disease disrupt sleep and lead to fatigue and lack of energy, but it can also have lasting effects on an individual’s well-being. According to Harvard Health, insufficient sleep can lead to an array of concerns, from chronic physical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease to mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

So, how can individuals with sleep apnea ensure that they get enough sleep each night to prevent the onset of these issues? Vivos Therapeutics and SleepImage have partnered together to fill in this gap of the healthcare system and provide more comprehensive solutions for sleep apnea by delivering painless, accurate diagnoses, customized oral appliances, and ongoing business support for dental practices.

The Perfect Partnership

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc., and SleepImage—two companies from Denver, Colorado—have partnered with one another to provide revolutionary sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment solutions. According to Bogi Palsson, CEO of SleepImage, their mission can be described as a desire to create an “ecosystem for sleep, breathing, and wellness,” where people can find answers to the root cause of their fatigue. With SleepImage’s diagnostic technology and Vivos’s advanced treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), they make an excellent pair for providing dentists and their patients with the solutions they need to guarantee quality sleep every night.

Painless, Accurate Diagnoses

The journey towards treating sleep apnea and accessing the deep sleep people need begins with diagnosis. However, this can be challenging for a couple of reasons. First, because individuals with sleep disorders like OSA are asleep during bouts of breathlessness, many of them don’t even realize they have it. Second, diagnosis of sleep disorders has long relied on a patient’s overnight stay at a lab where they are hooked up to equipment that monitors their heart, lung, and brain activity, movements, breathing patterns, and blood oxygen levels. This is a barrier to diagnosis for many patients, as they fear an uncomfortable nights’ sleep.

Thanks to SleepImage and their Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC) technology, diagnosis is easier than ever. No more wires and complex devices. Instead, patients wear a ring on their finger, referred to as the VivoScore™ device. This convenient technology uses a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone and patented algorithms to compile test data for an individual’s doctor to examine. All a patient has to do is put the ring on before going to sleep. The following day, results are sent directly to their healthcare provider. Based on the patient’s data, their healthcare team will create a personalized report, complete with airway measurements, treatment goals, health insurance information, and a comprehensive assessment and evaluation.

Customized Oral Appliances for Clearer Breathing

Once a patient has been diagnosed with OSA, it’s all about finding the right treatment plan for their lifestyle and goals. Many people have sleep apnea because of the size, shape, and position of their jaw, mouth, and tongue. Vivos customized biomimetic oral appliances, designed to remodel and enhance their oral cavity’s bone and soft tissues, could be the best treatment. Specialists have found that by remodeling the oral cavity, they can open up airflow and increase the capacity of the airway, therefore allowing for more restful and deep sleep.

This treatment is more efficient than other types of sleep apnea for several reasons. First, it doesn’t require any invasive procedures or surgery. Patients simply need to wear their Vivos device for 12 to 24 months in the evening and night. It’s also convenient, quick, and effective. Most patients feel the positive effects of treatment within days. Other treatment options, like CPAP and snoring appliances, require a lifetime of therapy and dedication. Instead, the Vivos System offers an alternative, short-term and long-lasting solution.

Ongoing Business Support with Vivos Billing Intelligence Services (BIS)

The ecosystem for sleep, breathing, and wellness go beyond medical solutions—it also involves the business side of healthcare. Without monetary success, healthcare providers simply cannot care for the patients who require access to these innovative products. Much of the success of a company relies on customer satisfaction—and dentistry is no exception. Dental offices must prioritize the patient experience. One way to do just that is to use modern technologies to streamline billing, payment, and scheduling processes.

Vivos Billing Intelligence Services (BIS) offers ongoing support to dentists and doctors to better care for their patients. This service assists with all things related to getting claims paid by medical insurance carriers, enabling dentists to focus on caring for their patients rather than jumping through roadblocks. Vivos has also recently launched a project management software program designed for sleep patients in the dental office, AireO2. This software removes several barriers to treatment and diagnosis by providing more support to internal admin.

Vivos and SleepImage are dedicated to creating a more welcoming and efficient ecosystem for sleep, breathing, and wellness. With a painless diagnosis of sleep apnea, customized and long-lasting treatment plan, and ongoing support, dentists and their patients have an opportunity to benefit from these comprehensive and ground-breaking solutions.

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