Expanding Your Dental Practice with Airway-Centered Dentistry

March 4, 2022

For dental practices, achieving business growth now is more important than ever before. Recent consequences of COVID-19 have left substantial impacts on the dental industry. By the end of 2020, 80 percent of dentists in the US reported less patient volume, and 82 percent reported a decrease in revenue. How can dentists overcome these setbacks to increase business?

The answer is simple: airway-centered dentistry. Airway dentistry focuses on the relationship between the structure of the airway and the quality of breathing. This type of treatment is focused on preventing or reducing airway collapse during sleep. Though airway dentistry may be new to you, it’s not to your patients—sleep disorder awareness has been rising quickly, increasing demand for dental sleep medicine along with it.

Introducing a new practice or procedure can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry—the financial, interpersonal, and personal rewards that airway dentistry offers are definitely worth the challenge. Airway-centered dentistry can help your practice by introducing new revenue streams, increasing your client base, and allowing you to provide better service to your patients. Read on to see why so many dentists have adopted airway-centered dentistry into their practices.

Introduce New Revenue

Having multiple sources of income is smart. In fact, the average millionaire has more than five streams of income. Although many dentists may not be familiar with multiple methods of creating income in their practices, bringing new revenue into their businesses is simpler than one might think. Airway dentistry is an easy way to introduce another revenue stream into your practice that is simple to implement, lucrative, and in high demand.

By implementing airway dentistry into your practice, you will be able to see financial results instantly. For example, practitioners who incorporate the Vivos Method of airway dentistry into their practice could be ready to submit cases after only two training sessions. Dentists who use the Vivos Method also typically see an average of four new cases each month. Most of these patients will require check-ups every six to eight weeks, meaning more frequent appointments and bigger bucks for your business.

Another advantage of airway-centered dentistry for your practice is the cost of treatment appliances. While some appliances are less costly than others, the general cost of Vivos’s corrective treatment is generally a little more than the cost of braces. Many insurance companies reimburse adult airway dentistry costs, making the treatment even more attractive to patients. For dentists looking to grow their revenue, airway dentistry is a must.

Increase Client Base

Expanding your client base is another essential aspect of growing your dental practice. Regardless, most dental practices lose between 12–15 percent of their patients each year. This means that dentists must find a way to not only replace all of their lost patients but also find even more each year in order to achieve growth. To combat this trend, dentists can increase the number of patients who come to their practice by offering airway dentistry.

The demand for dentists who practice airway medicine is substantial. Out of the thousands of sleep disorder centers in the US, few have a reliable way to connect with dentists who practice sleep medicine. Since sleep centers are often actively searching for airway dentists to refer patients to, dentists have a golden opportunity to fill this need. On the other hand, once you begin to refer patients to sleep centers for sleep studies, the sleep clinic will identify you as a resource to whom they can refer their other patients.

Expanding your client base for airway dentistry will likely begin with your current patients, but chances are it won’t end there. By providing a service that patients may not find anywhere else, you will be able to reach a new patient market. What’s more, these patients can come in all shapes and sizes—children and adults alike can benefit from airway dentistry. By offering airway-centered dentistry at your practice, you can attract patients from a variety of sources.

Provide Better Service

While it’s true that dentists provide essential services, it’s not often that they get to claim that their work actually saves lives. However, dentists’ involvement in airway dentistry is crucial because few other medical professionals specialize in mouth care or have similar access to at-risk patients. By implementing airway dentistry at their practices, dentists can provide life-changing and even life-preserving treatments for their patients.

For example, airway-centered dentistry training will help dentists to better understand and treat their patients’ health needs. As dentists become knowledgeable about airway medicine and its related health concerns, they can provide a higher quality of service to their patients. This comprehensive service will provide growth to your practice’s capabilities as well as its standard of care.

Providing airway-centered dentistry can also be of great service to your patients because it will help them to live a better quality of life and can even prolong their lives. The treatments that are available through airway dentistry have a wide range of options that can determine the level of invasiveness, length of treatment, and cost, but with your expertise and service, they will be able to select the option that is right for them. By offering the option of airway dentistry to your patients, you can help them in ways they may never have anticipated.

For the many patients who suffer from airway complications, help doesn’t have to remain inaccessible. By integrating airway-centered dentistry into your practice, you can achieve major growth for your business as you serve these patients. Introducing a new stream of revenue, increasing your client base, and providing better service will serve to expand your business, and airway dentistry will allow you to do all three.

Don’t wait to grow your dental business—visit thevivosinstitute.com or attend one of our live events to learn about how to get started in airway-centered dentistry.