Tip Tuesday: A Deep Dive into Home Sleep Tests Part 3

Home Sleep Tests: A Deep Dive Part III

Tips for Looking for a Sleep Disorder from Dr. Sahil Chopra

1. Consider Nighttime Symptoms

Nocturnal symptoms include the following:

      • Inability to fall asleep
      • Nighttime awakenings
      • Loud snoring
      • Bruxism
      • Nocturia

2. Look at Daytime Symptoms

Poor sleep fro a sleep disorder could lead to the development of the following symptoms:

      • Excessive daytime sleepiness
      • Morning headaches
      • Dry mouth
      • Sore throat

3. Examine Associated Medical Problems

Consequences of a sleep disorder could include any of the following conditions:

      • Hypertension
      • Stroke
      • Depression
      • Cognitive impairment
      • Heart disease
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