Tip Tuesday: Disinfecting Considerations of an Oral Appliance


Disinfecting Considerations of an Oral Appliance  



After your office has received the device and you have meticulously examined its quality, following disinfection protocols below before are suggested at a minimum prior to delivering an appliance to an patient. 

  • Rinse device under running tap water and shake gently to remove adherent water. 
  • Disinfect the device using an intermediate-level, EPA-registered disinfectant for the contact time recommended by the manufacturer (usually about 15 minutes).
  • After the proper exposure time, the device is rinsed under running tap water and gently shaken to remove adherent water.
  • Properly disinfected and dried device are ready for delivery.

Follow-up Appointments

Any appliance from the oral cavity is a potential source of infection. Most appliances cannot withstand standard heat sterilization procedures. An alternative technique would be disinfection by immersion following a thorough cleaning. 

  • An intermediate-level disinfectant (tuberculocidal claim) should be used before an appliance is handled or worked upon in the practice. 
  • Some heavily soiled (eg, calculus or adhesive) appliances require cleaning or light scrubbing before disinfection.
  • Place the appliance into a zippered plastic bag that contains ultrasonic detergent or another type of specialized cleaning solution for removable oral appliances.
  • The bag is then placed in the chamber of an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • The best cleaning action occurs in the middle of the cleaning chamber. Poorer cleaning occurs near the top and bottom of the solution pool. Bags can also be held in place by allowing the lip to pinch a corner.
  • Sometimes further cleaning by hand is required. Air-powdered cleaners, such as steam cleaners, should only be used on cleaned and disinfected appliances.
  • Rinse the appliance thoroughly
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