Tip Tuesday: Myofunctional Therapy Part 4

Myofunctional Therapy: Part 4

Today, we wrap up our series on Myofunctional Therapy!

The Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy for Your Practice:

  • Increased case acceptance
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Improved case management
  • Accelerated patient development
  • Accelerated case completion
  • Long-term success

Still Have Questions about Myofunctional Therapy? 

Join us at our upcoming webinar: Incorporating Myofunctional Therapy!

Don’t forget:

Each patient that enrolls in MyoCorrect receives their very own toolkit! They are also available for purchase on your Aire account.

Get your patients started today! It’s easy to enroll your patients in the MyoCorrect program through Aire!

Vivos Caravan

Atlanta and Orlando, Here We Come!

See you in two weeks, Atlanta and Orlando! This is your last chance to register! Register ASAP for this crucial training experience.

We’re Coming to a City Near You!


Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Orlando, Washington D.C. and more! Stay tuned!

    AIS Updates

    Starting April 1, all Vivos appliances submitted for fabrication will now come in blue as the standard color!

    If you have questions, please reach out to your Practice Advisor!

    Check out our new easy-to-read doctor and fitting instructions for all Vivos! These references can also be found on your Vivos Aire portal.

    Also, be on the lookout for new patient instructional booklets—coming soon!

    Did you know? Patients with active TMD are contraindicated for use with Vivos appliances!

    Vivos VIP Special Offer

    We’re excited to offer an exclusive deal for Vivos VIPS. Join Dr. Vera Brown for two exciting CE opportunities!

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    Drug Addiction

    March 28, 2022
    5—8 pm PST

    Join Us for Invaluable In-Person Training at the Vivos Institute!

    Hear from an attendee from last week’s live training event about his experience at the Vivos Institute and why you should bring your team!

    Sessions 1–3 Practical

    Our Live Practical Course is available to all Vivos VIPs who have completed Sessions 1–3 virtually. This is a hands-on course where you will review everything learned from Sessions 1–3, go through the record process as a patient, and take the records as the doctor. You will also get hands-on training with Vivos guides and the DNA/mRNA appliances.

    Leadership in Your Practice


    This two-day course is designed for the doctor and office manager to attend together. During this course, you will learn communication skills, listening skills, how to create the culture you want in your office, and tools to help with staff retention.

    Vivos Captain Training

    This two-day course is designed for the Vivos Captain to attend. The Captain will learn how to hold the team accountable for the roles and responsibilities they play in an airway center. This training includes hands-on training for driving case starts and being a leader in your practice.

    New Webinars Coming This Week!

    Patient Education Meeting
    Thursday, March 17
    9 AM MDT

    Does your team need a patient education meeting or a refresher? Have a new staff member who needs to see a PEM for the first time? Then join us at this webinar!

    Treatment Planning with an AI Report
    Friday, March 25
    11 AM MDT

    We look forward to having you join this webinar with our Airway Intelligence team.

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