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Pediatric-Vivos Guides and DNA Appliances


The Vivos Guides are FDA registered Class I removable dental appliance tooth positioner, that straighten and reposition teeth.  Additionally, Vivos Guides may improve bad oral habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb and finger sucking, speech problems, mouth breathing, swallowing and dental conditions such as upper arch construction, crossbites, and bruxism.


I’ve attached the Vivos Guide Presentation that will walk you through sizing, as you requested. Please let me know if you have any questions surrounding this.

What types of Vivos appliances can be considered for kids with deciduous and mixed dentition teeth?

Vivos Guides and Vivos DNA appliance

What does the Vivos Guide Series of appliances include?

vStarter for kids, vStarter, vGrow, vWay

What is the purpose of the vStarter/ vStarter for Kids?

The Vivos vStarter appliances may be used in patients as early as 4 years of age and older.  The appliance is designed to be worn passively for 8-10 hours while sleeping to reposition and straighten the teeth.  The dentist may also prescribe it for use for 1-2 hours during the day.  No adjustments are generally necessary.

There are minor differences in the appliance selected for a patient based on their current level of dentition.  For patients who do not have permanent molars, the vStarter for Kids is selected to allow the 1st molars to erupt.  For children who have at least their first permanent molars in, the vStarter is selected to ensure proper fit and that there is not an over-eruption of the 1st permanent molars.

When does a child go into the Vivos Grow series?

The Vivos Grow (VG or vGrow) is designed for patients with mixed dentition who may have one or more of the following dental conditions such as crowding, spacing, overbite, and overjet.  The Vivos Grow may also help to guide erupting teeth into an ideal position. Additionally, it may also help to guide erupting teeth into an ideal position, correct molar relations. teeth rotations, crossbites, bruxism and upper arch constriction.

When does a child go into the vWay series?

The Vivos Way (VW) is designed for patients with the adult dentition who may have one or more of the following dental conditions such as crowding, spacing, overbite, and overjet.  The Vivos Way may also correct molar relations. teeth rotations and other dental conditions such as crossbites, bruxism and upper arch constriction.

Can a DNA Appliance be used to treat pediatrics?

Yes. The DNA appliance is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 device for palatal expansion in adults and children.

How can I determine if a child is a candidate?

Dr. Singh-I have on record starting at 5 years old, however I have heard that some as young as 3-4 years old have been treated where there is a clinical indication.

Dr. Tammarie Heit-They can start as young as 4.  Based on a child’s motivation, maturity and their ability.

Todd – Treating providers should consider the patients complete health history, complaints, diagnosis and treatment objectives when considering whether the patient might be a candidate for Vivos DNA Appliance therapy.  Additionally, considerations to the child’s environment, motivation and willingness to be compliant should also be looked at.

VivoScore Software Update



VivoScore powered by SleepImage is a revolutionary approach to managing sleep health in children and adults.


VivoScore powered by SleepImage is FDA cleared to:

  • Measure Sleep Quality
  • Measure Sleep Duration
  • Evaluate Sleep Disorders
  • Aid in Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea
  • Track Sleep Disorder Treatment

This technology allows a patient to record their sleep study data on their smart phone and will update through the cloud-based system – meaning you receive a sleep test prior to seeing your patient back in the office!


With this technology, providers are now able to screen multiple family members with one sleep test! Check out our Pilot Study results below!


Pilot Study included 12 Vivos Trained and active dentists

  • Study covered a three-month period of testing
  • 938 sleep tests were performed over a three-month period
  • 56% of tested patients in the pilot tested positive for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • 50% of all patients testing positive chose to enter into treatment for utilizing the Vivos System
  • Results reflect that 28% of a tested universe of patients will choose to be treated for sleep apnea with the Vivos system.

Could the Vivoscore Powered By Sleep Image be right for your practice?



Ask them about our Trial Program!

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Cases with Caulfield


Submit a case for a peer review with Dr. Jon Caulfield.  This peer-to-peer review will provide you with an opportunity to hear from other Vivos providers.  You will have an opportunity to see other cases.


What will you need to be prepared with?

  • Updated AI report
  • Complete set of records
  • Your Diagnosis and Treatment plan

May 7th from 2-3 PM MT

AI Team presents: Twist, Bend and Mend


Twist, Bend and Mend the three biggest components when delivering, adjusting, and repairing your patient’s appliance. Learn from the best in DNA/mRNA Fabrication and Design as the Airway Intelligence Service (AIS) Legends walk you through becoming an expert in understanding how to make all your adjustments. From clasping to wire bending and basic acrylic repairs in this session you will build your knowledge and confidence to successfully handle each case chairside. Please have your cameras on as this is an interactive training


April 30th from 12 PM MT

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