Tip Tuesday: The Airway Integration Tour and More

Vivos Caravan

The Vivos Institute Presents

The Airway Integration Tour

Vivos is hitting the open road and bringing our innovative airway integration training to you!


Join us for this VIP exclusive, “Airway Made Easy.” Taught by Susie McCullough, you and your team will leave with concrete steps for the following:

  • An improved patient experience that focuses on each patient’s total health
  • Increased case acceptance
  • A better understanding of specific steps for each team member
  • Reduced patient visits with increased productivity
  • A better understanding of how VivoScore can assist you in treating patients

Don’t miss your chance to do the following:

  • Network with fellow VIPs in your area
  • Ask questions from Vivos leadership in person
  • Earn 7 free CE Credits


Seating is limited for this FREE VIP-only event! Register now to reserve spots for you and your team.
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Don’t Miss This!

Treatment Planning with an AI Report: June 25, 1 p.m. MDT


Do you have questions on treatment planning and what to do with your AI report? Then this is a MUST-SEE webinar! Join us as our Airway Intelligence team walks you through treatment planning with an AI report.

Cases with Caulfield : June 25th, 1-3 p.m. MDT


Bring questions on cases you want to review, get insight from Dr. Jon Caulfield as well as share ideas with peers. During this interactive webinar, we will also open the floor to mid-treatment questions on how to move forward. We will go over helpful tricks and tips on how to progress patients who are in the middle of being treated with the DNA or mRNA appliances. 


All doctors that would like to present must have a case on hand and be ready to share their screen with the AI Report. We will review five to 10 cases based on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email Whitney at [email protected] if you would like to present a case.

The Vivos Institute Is Excited to Announce Our



Join us for this exciting three-day event featuring an outstanding roster of industry experts delivering high-level courses on sleep and airway, leadership, practice management, myofunctional therapy, and more!


Denver, CO | August 5–7  

Join us at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for this amazing four-day event, October 20–23. Expect registration and more information coming soon!

VivoScore Software Update


You asked, and we delivered!

RDI is here! We’re excited to announce that RDI is now active and available on your screening results! Please reach out to the Help Desk with any questions you may have!

Just window shopping and need more information? 

Check out the two new VivoScore courses now on your LMS! 

VivoScore- Basics & Beyond

VivoScore- Interpretation

Dr. Ford Shippey

Dr. Ford Shippey and

Dr. Jon Caulfield

Thinking about Medicare Enrollment?

We can now work with all offices and submit Medicare applications on their behalf to Medicare Part B and Medicare DME. If you are ready to enroll in Medicare or have any questions, please visit our website: vivosbis.com/medicare-information.

Please note at this time: *We cannot bill for DNA/mRNA to Medicare DME. We are currently working with the FDA to get clearance for the mRNA and adding it to the Medicare PDAC approval list. You can select an appliance on the PDAC-approved list when treating a patient for OSA when utilizing the patient’s Medicare benefits.

Our pricing includes AireO2 practice management software and BI services and, coming soon, oral surgery billing! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]!