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Why Attend?

Join us for a comprehensive, 3-day course that dives into the intricacies of Guided Growth Flow Training and its practical application. Led by Ruth Hembree, you’ll spend substantial time understanding this methodology, with two sessions on Thursday: from 8:30-12:30 and 1:30-3:30. Introductions to Myo by Amy Peloquin and Identifying Tongue Ties by Dr. Kacy Jo will wrap up the first day.

Day 2 starts off with a thorough recap of the previous day’s learnings by Dr. Brian Kraft, followed by sessions on Head and Neck/Tools and Resources and a case review. Post lunch, delve deeper into PEX with Dr. Kraft, and a CBCT Review session helmed by Conebeam Rep/Kraft. The day concludes with a Q&A session, allowing you to clarify doubts and discuss points of interest.

Saturday’s schedule offers an immersive, hands-on clinical studies experience, providing an opportunity to observe treatments with kids. After an intense learning session, we will wrap up the course over lunch, equipping you with go-home strategies to implement your new knowledge effectively. This course provides a deep dive into some of the most pertinent issues and methodologies in our field today, don’t miss it!

We will also provide you with resources that covers all topics discussed over the three days for easy reference and continued learning. 

Sign up now to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity! Register today to get access to this exclusive program. Secure your spot at the event and join us in discovering the power of Guided Growth Flow Training. We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

Course Objectives:

  1. To gain an in-depth understanding of Guided Growth Flow Training and its practical application.
  2. Connect with top experts in the field, such as Ruth Hembree, Amy Peloquin, Dr. Kacy Jo, Dr. Brian Kraft, and more.
  3. To participate in intensive Q&A sessions to mitigate doubts and facilitate informed discussions.
  4. To engage in hands-on clinical studies and observe child treatments.
  5. To develop go-home strategies for the effective implementation of newly acquired knowledge.
  6. To access course materials, serving as a valuable resource for easy reference and continuous learning.
  7. To join a community of learners and professionals committed to mastering and promoting Guided Growth Flow Training.

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