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The inventory module in AireO2 is effective in tracking and maintaining the list of items moving in and out of your practice. It keeps precise and updated stock records of items.

To access inventory

1. Click the menu icon inv 1  on the upper-left corner to access AireO2 main menu.

2. The main menu will appear, click the Inventory icon.

3. The inventory module dashboard will appear.

inv 2
AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 2

There are several options to view and filter the calendar:

1. The view by day button allows you to view calendar by day week or month
2. Allows you to scroll through day, week month. You can click on the date, and it will pull up a calendar to choose date, or you can use the arrows to navigate day by day.
3. The today button will bring you to today’s schedule no matter where you are on the calendar.
4. The Check Slot button allows you to find available slots. It’s important to set up the provider schedule for this function to work properly.
5. The refresh button allows you to refresh the screen
6. The plus button allows you to add a new appointment
7. The search calendar button allows you to search the calendar day/dates you are viewing. It highlights the searched phrases.
8. The view by provider/room button allows you to select to view the calendar by provider or room

9. The rooms button allows you to filter which room’s schedule you’d like to view
10. The providers button allows you to filter which provider’s schedule you’d like to view.
11. The facilities button allows you to filter which facility’s schedule (if you have multiple locations) you’d like to view
12. The color wheel allows you to change color coding by room, provider or facility
13. The printer button allows you to print your calendar view
14. The question mark button will send you to AireO2’s help resources.
15. The setting wheel allows you to set up, add or change appointment categories and users

Clicking on a specific time or day at any view of the calendar will bring up a “Schedule Appointment” screen. If you have a patient selected, their information will automatically auto fill in the patient box, if not, you can search for the patient you’d like to schedule in the patient box. Scheduling a patient is straight forward.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 3

1. Category – Select the visit category from the drop-down list
2. Title – The category selected will drive the title of the appointment.
3. Facility and Provider – Ensure the proper facility and provider are selected (if you practice has multiple)
4. Room – Select the proper room
5. Patient – Select the right patient. If a patient’s chart is open on the header, that patient will display. Otherwise, you must enter the patient by starting to type in the patient’s name. New patients cannot be created from this appointment screen.

6. Status – Select and updated the proper status on f the appointment.
7. Date and Time – The date and time may appear based on where you clicked on the schedule to generate this appointment. You can change this information to the desired date and time.
8. Duration – The duration of the appointment will default based on how the visit category was initially configured. This can be changed.
9. Choose Form – Send electronic forms to the patient via email or have them complete them in the office.

From the schedule appointment box, you can also update patient information.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 2

If the event is recurring, check the Recurring Events box. This will expand the schedule appointment box and allow you to choose your preferences. This will automatically duplicate the appointment on the selected recurrence options.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 4
AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 5 1
AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 6

To edit or delete an appointment:

1. In the calendar, click a previously created appointment. (Note: if you click on the appointment text, the application will display the patient demographics window). The appointment screen will come up.
2. Edit the appointment by making the relevant changes.
3. To save the changes, click Update. The application saves changes and displays the calendar window.
4. Adjacent to the Update button, you can also find the Delete button. To delete the appointment permanently, click Delete.
5. If you’ve accidentally clicked on the appointment and do not wish to edit or delete the appointment, click cancel and the appointment will go back into the calendar with no changes.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 7

Scheduling a Provider Event

1. View calendar by day. Click the Provider’s name.
2. An Add Provider box will display. Specify the details.
3. Clicking Add to Wait List will allow you to add a patient’s appointment to the provider’s wait list.
4. Click Save and provider event will be place on the calendar, or patient’s appointment will be placed on the wait list.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 8

If the event is recurring, click the Recurring Events box, the event box will expand and allow you to specify the details.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 5

Editing/Deleting Provider Event – Editing a Provider Event

1. In the Calendar window, click the highlighted provider line.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 9

2. The add provider events window appears.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 7

3. If editing the event, modify the details and click update and the event will be placed back on the calendar. If deleting the event, click delete and the event will be removed. If you’ve accidentally brought up the add provider events window, click cancel and the event will be placed back on the calendar.

Viewing/Setting up Categories

VivosAireO2 has provided “categories” within the calendar module. A category is an appointment type. This feature allows users to identify the appointment type (reason for appointment). AireO2 allows users to:

  • See categories or appointment types that are already created in the system
  • Edit the categories
  • Delete categories (IMPORTANT: Do not delete a category that has previously been used in the system)
  • Add new categories (IMPORTANT: Contact your administrator to attach forms if a new category is added, categories drive the encounter)
AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 11

This opens the Category Window.

1. Visit Category Name
2. Duration- set amount of time automatically scheduled for this visit category
3. Grouped Comments – Allows user to assign a predefined list with reasons for visit.
4. Add New- allows you to set up a new visit category (IMPORTANT: You must add forms to the visit category. If you do not have access to add forms, please contact your administrator)
5. “x”(exit) – Click here to close Categories window
6. Allows you to edit the visit category
7. Allows you to delete the visit category (IMPORTANT: Do not delete if category has been used for an encounter)
8. Allows you to move the category up and down the list.

AireO2 Knowledgebase Schedule 12