June Is National Smiles Month! How to Celebrate in Your Dental Office

September 3, 2021

Happy National Smiles Month! June represents the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fun activities with your patients and staff. National Smiles Month is one of the nation’s biggest oral health campaigns. It has thousands of people working together to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and how it influences our everyday wellness, from our physical to our mental health.

Looking for a few ways to celebrate National Smiles Month in your dental office? Keep reading for four fun and interactive ideas to get your patients involved, informed, and, most importantly, smiling.

Showcase Your Patients’ Smiles

First on our list is a way to get patients up to speed and involved with the celebration. Consider setting up a smile-themed photo station in your dental office where patients can take photos showcasing their lovely smiles. Not only is this a unique way to bond and have some fun with your patients, but it can also help them feel more confident in their smiles and engaged in the act of caring for their teeth.

Next, create a collage with the pictures taken at the photo station and display them for everyone to see. This will make your office space feel more welcoming and your patients feel extra special and appreciated. Plus, this serves as a constant reminder to you and your team of the work you’re doing to help your patients’ smiles glow.

Host a Brushathon

Another fun way to interact with your patients and raise awareness for dental hygiene is to host a brushathon where you and your patients brush your teeth together. Turn on some fun music, gather a few of your favorite patients, and hand out free toothbrushes and travel tubes of toothpaste for everyone to use.

Not only is this fun and interactive for your patients, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to show them how to brush their teeth properly. Put on a timer for two minutes, walk them through how to move their toothbrush in circular motions, and gently brush to avoid gum damage. Children and patients with kids will take a particular interest in this activity.

Walk Your Patients Through Proper Dental Care

Even if your patients don’t come to a Brushathon event, you can still show them how to care for their teeth. At the end of their appointment, when you hand out their free toothbrush and floss, remind them of best practices while brushing. Many people never officially learn how to brush their teeth, so walking them through each step could make a significant difference in their overall oral hygiene.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first is to model the best way to brush your teeth with their new toothbrush. The second is to consider handing out flyers with step-by-step instructions. Either way, your patients will appreciate the guidance the next time they brush their teeth and notice how squeaky clean and healthy they can truly be.

Host a Rate-My-Plate Activity

Dental health and beautiful smiles come down to more than just brushing and flossing—they also include eating a well-balanced diet. Hosting a rate-my-plate activity can be a fun way to raise awareness of the importance of diet in oral health and get your patients involved. All you have to do is set up a social media hashtag or email address where your patients can send their meals to you. Then, someone on your team can rate the food on their plates and give them suggestions for changes they can make to improve their oral health. 

Another way you can spice up the activity is to include prizes for those with the healthiest or most improved plates. Have patients submit before and after pictures of their plates and reward those with the most significant transformations. Not only is this a great way to teach your patients about the importance of a healthy diet, but it will also help you connect with them on a more personal level.

Don’t let June’s National Smiles Month pass you by without a few fun activities to boost awareness of the importance of oral health! By engaging your patients in these tasks, you can increase their confidence, give them valuable tips, and form a deeper bond with them.