Justin D. Harris

Justin Harris began his career in 2012 as a dental technician at a lab in Sandy, UT. He started in the model department pouring implant models. However, Justin’s interests lay in the removable department, and he quickly voiced his desire to work in that area to his manager. His hard work and dedication paid off, as he was soon transferred to the removable department, where he began his journey as a technician.

Justin’s skills rapidly developed, and he soon became the head technician, specializing in DNA and mRNA appliances. However, a falling out between the lab and the creator of the DNA transitioned Justin to working with similar orthodontic appliances, such as Schwartz appliances, Hawley retainers, space maintainers, EMA’s, Herbst, SomnoMed/SomnoDent, Essix retainers, nightguards, twin block, Meridian, Ripple, and various other doctor creations. He also became proficient in denture fabrication, including setting teeth, waxing, investing, lask and inject, trim, and complete finishing. Justin also embraced the digital world of dentistry, utilizing 3shape to design partial frameworks, 3D printing the partials, investing and casting in metal, fully trimming, polishing, and finishing the final product.

In 2018, Justin left the lab to work at a different sleep lab in Utah, where he once again fabricated DNA and mRNA appliances. This led to the recognition of Vivos Therapeutics, the company that now owns the rights to the appliances, and they soon acquired this sleep lab in Utah to incorporate into the company. 
Since then, Justin has been working for Vivos Therapeutics, specializing in the production of the Vivos line of appliances, working with and training a team of technicians to fabricate the devices. He also manages the product fulfillment and intake of all supplies, as well as spending time speaking with doctors one on one doing appliance design consultations. Justin works with colleagues on Research and Development to design and develop new appliance prototypes and products to offer their providers.

Justin is excited to continue this journey with Vivos and looks forward to what the future holds for himself and the company. His passion for his craft is apparent in his versatility and range of expertise, and he continues to strive for excellence in his field.