Patient Education:
Why is it important?

4 Reasons Education is Important

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure: Educating patients about good oral hygiene can help prevent many dental problems. When patients understand the consequences of neglecting their oral health, they are more likely to adopt and maintain healthy habits.

  2. Empowerment: Knowledge empowers patients to make informed decisions about their overall health. Patients who understand the reasons behind a recommended treatment are more likely to comply.

  3. Enhanced Treatment Outcomes: Well-informed patients are more likely to follow post-treatment instructions, leading to better outcomes and fewer complications.

  4. Building Trust: When dentists take the time to educate their patients, it fosters a sense of trust. Patients feel their healthcare provider cares about their well-being, not just about providing a service.

How do we educate patients?


  • Informational Brochures:  Provide brochures on procedures, oral hygiene practices, and conditions.

  • Website Information:  Maintain an updated website with articles, videos, and FAQs about dental care.

During the Dental Visit

  • Open Conversation: Start with open-ended questions to gauge the patient’s current knowledge and address their specific concerns.

  • Visual Aids: Use dental models, charts, and diagrams to explain dental issues and procedures.

  • Intraoral Cameras: Show patients real-time images of their teeth and gums, highlighting areas of concern.

  • Digital X-rays: Use them to explain dental problems and compare current images with previous ones to track progress or issues.

  • Dental Mirrors: Let patients see the inside of their mouth while you point out particular areas.

  • Educate on the Systemic Link: Help patients understand the connection between oral health and overall health. For instance, gum disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic conditions.

Use of Technology

  • Educational Videos: Play short videos in the waiting room or operatory to inform patients about dental health topics. This is your patient education meeting.

  • Dental Apps: Recommend apps that can remind patients to brush/floss or track their oral hygiene habits.

Resources and Call to Action

We have several new brochures and videos that are available for you to share with your patients. Please feel free to click through and download any of the following materials:

Help your patients regain control of their nights.

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