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Breath and body are inseparable. You can change your life—including alleviating symptoms of asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive difficulties, and fatigue—by changing how you breathe. Most people are born with the ability to breathe naturally, but as the years go by, we adopt other ways of drawing air into our body, ways that feed a sense of fear and discomfort. When breath moves freely within the body, not restricted by imposed and unconscious tensions, breath and body become coherent, and we live from a natural state of harmony of body, mind, heart, and spirit, making choices that enhance health and provide energy in all aspects of our being and in our relationship to ourselves, others, and the environment

For more than 33 years, Robert Litman, creator of The Breathable Body, has guided artists, musicians, health professionals, athletes, activists, people with health challenges, retirees, and those interested in allowing breath to be a doorway to consciousness into their personal and spiritual growth by restoring healthy breathing rhythms, structural alignment, and coherent/coordinated movement. He codeveloped the Wellsprings Practitioner Program with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement, and co-taught with her for 18 years. Emilie and Robert collaborated in developing The Body in Question, a yearlong program in Berkeley, and many other programs. He was on the faculty of Continuum Movement for many years and contributed to Continuum’s practices, particularly in the sciences, incorporating respiratory physiology, neuroanatomy, and cellular biology into the curriculum.

Robert Litman has been a faculty member and head of the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology and Movement Education at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts Massage School in Tucson. He is a registered educator and trainer of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association. He was a preceptor at the University of Arizona School of Integrative Medicine, teaching The Breathable Body to visiting doctors for Dr. Andrew Weil. He has a Graduate Certification as a Breathing Behavior Analyst at The Graduate School of Behavioral Breathing and Health Sciences, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 

The Breathable Body is the inevitable synthesis of the modalities of Robert’s life work of studying, teaching, and living embodiment. This approach spirals together the movement modalities of Continuum, Contemplation, Buteyko Breathing, and the Duggan-French Approach to Somatic Patterning Recognition. Following these tenets, Robert teaches his students skills that enable them to regulate and maximize the nourishment that breathing is meant to provide. 

He lives on Vashon Island, Washington, and offers private sessions and classes in movement and breathing, locally and worldwide. His YouTube video “The Relationship Between Breathing and Anxiety” has 108,000 views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhEEtWNbLJ4&t=1777s

For more information, contact Robert Litman The Breathable Body thebreathablebody.com 

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