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Robert Oexman, DC

Dr. Oexman has dedicated his life and career to educating people around the world about sleep. From how to setup your bedroom to cognitive behavioral therapy, his depth of knowledge around sleep is vast.

Dr. Oexman is currently CEO and founder of Somly, a telemedicine company helping people like you beat insomnia using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He has lectured and interviewed in more than 40 countries on the topic of sleep, sharing his expertise across the world. Outside of his lectures, he has also appeared on radio and television programs like the Today Show and Fox TV.

In his career, he has managed research studies at the Stanford University Sleep Research Center, Harvard Sleep Research Center, Toronto University Sleep Research Center and Research Triangle International. Prior to starting Somly, Dr. Oexman previously managed a sleep research facility, employing sleep and engineering technicians to study the impact that the environment and pain has on human sleep. He has also managed a medical and research division for a Fortune 500, multi-national company and developed and patented unique testing equipment for monitoring sleep, measuring the human body, and remotely monitoring vital human statistics.

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