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Round Table Discussions



We will be hosting 5 round tables. Attendees will visit
each table for 20 minutes. These round tables will each focus on an area of
sleep and airway in the dental practice. Instructors at each table will do a 10-
minute presentation on their topic, followed by 10 minutes of answering
questions from attendees. These round tables will give the attendees key
points that they need to take back to their practice to successfully
implement treating sleep and airway.


  1. Home Sleep Tests in Your Practice – This session will help attendees
    better understand home sleep tests and the partnership that is
    necessary between medical doctors and dentists in order for dentists
    to administer a home sleep test.  It will provide clarity around the role
    of the dentist and the medical doctor and how they can successfully
    work together to treat patients. Instructor Dr. Lindsay Williams
  2. Medical Billing for Sleep and Airway in the Dental Office – This session will give attendees valuable information on the differences between billing medical insurance and dental insurance in the dental practice and the importance of proper documentation and record keeping. The instructor will share how medical billing can be an added “wallet on the table” to help patients afford treatment.  In addition, commonly billed codes will be discussed and why it is important to use correct codes. Instructor Amanda Rawlins
  3. Treating Children with Growth Appliances and Myofunctional Therapy – This session will cover the importance of combining Appliance Therapy and Myofunctional Therapy when treating children for lack of development.  Instructors will cover key points such as what ages can you begin treating children, at what age do you need to look at other methods of treatment to help, why is it beneficial to combine therapies when treating children, and the role of myofunctional therapy before and after frenectomies.  Course Instructors – Dr. Mike Czubiak and Susie McCullough
  4. Overview of Different Types of Appliance Therapy. This session will cover use of Mandibular Advancement Devices, Rescue Appliances, Growth Appliances, Rapid Palatal Expanders and Clear Aligner Therapy. In addition, the instructor will cover the importance of taking clinically diagnostic records including CBCT’s, Intra-oral photos, Extra-oral photos, Head and Neck Exam and how those records aid in appliance selection. Course instructor – Todd Huntsman
  5. Case Selection, Compliance and Good Outcomes – This session will cover the importance of selecting the right cases as dentist enter into treating sleep and airway, the importance of patient compliance in relation to the length of treatment and how these two things contribute to successful treatment outcomes.  Instructors – Dr. Kassi Klein and Dr. Kristen Tigani Taylor
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Credits: 1.5 CE


Course Categories: Practice Management and Human Relations

Subject Code: 130

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Discussion

Prerequisites: N/A

Sponsor(s): Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: