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The Future of Sleep Dentistry – What You Need to Know to Thrive

Speaker: Jonathan Greenburg, DDS


Would you let your patients with advanced Periodontal Disease walk out of your office without informing them? What about a tooth with massive decay that needs a root canal and more?

Then why are you ignoring their Sleep Apnea? The consequences of non-treatment are far more severe than tooth issues. We’re talking heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer and death.

Isn’t it time to take your blinders off and be your patient’s HERO? The time is now! Make sure to attend this exciting, informative and timely lecture.


  1. The current state of Sleep Apnea
  2. What you need to know to treat patients, Fact from Fiction
  3. How to treat patients at a higher level
  4. How to train your staff and keep them trained
  5. Home Sleep Testing; What you need to know
  6. The Future: Where is it heading so I can position myself now?
  7. Steps to take tomorrow in your office to be successful
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