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Tip Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Attend Live Training

While online webinars and training are convenient, there is value in learning new skills the old-fashioned way. Here are five reasons why you will reap the greatest benefits from online training with a live course.

1. Face-to-Face Community: Being connected in person to like-minded practitioners who have a common call is inspiring and collaborative. Sharing space, ideas, learning, and laughter with other doctors in your industry is an irreplaceable factor when it comes to live training opportunities!

2. Ease of Learning: According to a national research study, 78 percent of more than 1,000 students surveyed said it was easier to learn in a classroom. It is often easier to understand complex concepts and cases in a live learning environment rather than reading about them or listening via webinar because, when it’s in person, you aren’t just seeing it or hearing it: You’re experiencing it.

3. Time with Vivos Leadership and Clinical Advisors: During the Live Session 1–3 Practical, you will have dedicated time with Dr. Williams, Dr. Caulfield, and Aaron Stevens. If you need clarification on a concept or want advice, you can ask. Being in person with these experts allows for fluid discussions and an enhanced learning experience.

4. Networking: Connecting with other doctors and teams at live training is a fantastic way to gain new associates, referrals, and friends!

5. Fun Factor: Attending live training is more fun and energizing than sitting behind a computer, and it will enhance what you’ve already learned virtually. New conversations, collective energy, and engagement makes the time fly by, and before you know it, you’re leaving with new friends, new energy, and a bunch of knowledge.

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More Info on the mmRNA!

Check out this video by Dr. Mark Musso as he answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the mmRNA!

Vivos Clinical Advisor Mark Musso has been utilizing the mmRNA for his own Vivos treatment. In this video, he provides personal insight and addresses commonly asked questions regarding the Vivos mmRNA. Check it out!

New VivoScore Cases Available!

We have new VivoScore Ring Cases available for purchase!

These VivoScore Ring Cases come with a custom foam insert to be used as a replacement case from the provided VivoScore box.

Product RingCase


  • Hard shell case that holds up to wear and tear
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Fits both large and small rings
  • Holds charging cord
  • Magnetic latching lid
  • Carabiner for attachment to lanyard
  • Each case sold individually

Simply log into your Aire account and select ‘Integrated Provider Tools’. From there, you can select and order the number of VivoScore cases you would like.

Reach out to your Practice Advisor with any questions you may have!

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Did you know?

Tools, assets, and marketing materials are available to you!

Simply click on the marketing materials portal in your Aire account to order materials for your practice! You can access brochures, folders, banners, articles, and more.

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What’s New with BIS

Why become a non-par DME provider through Medicare? BALANCE BILLING!

Many providers think that becoming a Medicare provider means that they must accept low rates. While Medicare only allows a certain amount for oral appliances in OSA treatment, being a non-par (or nonparticipating) provider with Medicare DME means you can balance bill your patients the remaining balance over what Medicare will allow. Getting clients in the door can be a battle, and what a great way to increase foot traffic in your office!

Becoming a non-par DME provider does not mean you have to accept Medical dental policies either! Reach out to today to find out how we can help you get registered with Medicare today!

Suppose you are a participating provider with Medicare and would like to opt out and become a non-par instead. In that case, you need to complete before the end of the year, or you will be locked into being a participating provider for another whole year. We can help with this as well.

BIS is excited to announce a new CE course! Check out “Beyond MAD with Dr. Chris Farrugia”!

Curious about medical billing for oral surgery? Then join us November 19–20 in Denver!

In-person VIP doctors will receive $500 off by using the coupon code CE4VIP. This is not applicable for staff, associate doctors, or virtual attendees. If you would like more information, please follow the QR code, go to, or email Jodi Pollock at