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Help Your Patients Connect the Dots!

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One of the most important tools you and your staff can have is being able to help your patients connect the dots from the signs and symptoms they experience in their everyday life to the root cause!

It’s vital that patients understand the “WHY” behind the treatment they need. When patients understand the root causes of their symptoms and how treatment can help them, they are often the best patients.

We all know that the best patients are the ones that are most compliant with their treatment and that these patients usually have the best results. So, in order to help our patients achieve the best outcome possible, it all starts with connecting the dots!

Utilizing the 3 Step Patient Flow in your practice will enhance your patient experience, improve team efficiency and increase your case starts.

Join us at one of the next Airway Integration Tour dates to learn more.

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Learning how to enhance the patient experience in Salt Lake City!

“I’m glad I attended the Vivos Airway Tour. I was able to connect with other Vivos providers in the area, learn what works in their offices, and improve integration into my own office. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly.”

– Dr. Brittany Johansen

“Attending the Airway Integration Tour in SLC has been one of the best decisions I have made as I begin this journey with Vivos. The conference has really helped me understand more of where I need to be and how incorporating the 3 step process into my practice will enhance my patient and team flow so much better. After the conference, I feel more secure with what I need to do. I am now more confident especially working with my team with the ultimate goal of saving lives. Thank you so much VIVOS for helping me understand what is expected of me, what my responsibility is but most importantly I now know how to help others!”

– Carla Hernandez, Practice Manager for Dr. Crofoot

Click Here for Dates and Locations

Houston and Nashville, we will see you this week!

Next Stop: Charlotte and Philadelphia!

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Viva Las Vegas!

Can’t make it to our Grand Opening in Denver? No problem! We will meet you in Vegas.


The Breathing Wellness Conference is BACK!


Bigger and better than ever, we’re excited to host this amazing three-day event at Caesar’s Palace. Book your flights and bring your whole team for a fun-filled getaway on October 20-23! Agenda and accommodation information coming soon.

Take a Bite out of This!


Do you have any questions or do you ever get stuck while trying to take a construction bite for your Vivos patients?

Then please, join us as the Airway Intelligence team presents helpful tips and tricks on how to best capture this record.

Friday, July 16th

1 pm MDT

Register Here