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Congratulations Dr. Velia James!!

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Asset Marketing

The Great Marketing Conundrum: You have Questions and we have Answers!

How to market your dental practice and who you should be marketing to can be a mystery.  Coming up with creative ideas can also be very daunting.  Often, we hear, “I am not creative” or “We need a fresh idea”.  

To start off, you need to establish a marketing budget for your practice. It is important to set aside money so you can set a schedule and stick to it. You will need to decide what percentage of your gross annual revenue this will be. Some suggestions are 5% to 10% if you are an established but growing practice, more than 10% if you’re a new startup practice, and 3% to 5% more than you’re currently spending if your practice is stagnant or declining.

There is a difference between internal marketing and external marketing.

Internal marketing is simply communicating with your patients. By marketing to your existing patient base, you can capitalize on those connections – whether it’s a service you offer directly to them or asking if they want to refer new patients to your office – working with your existing patients is key to growing your practice production.  

External marketing is primarily focused on acquiring new business; it may be patient targeted marketing or may focus on creating partnerships with other healthcare providers to further educate on the Vivos System.

Internal Marketing

Let’s take a deeper dive into Internal Marketing. Capturing the attention and engagement of your internal patients is key. If your patients are unaware that now you are offering a sleep solution you will want to determine how you are going to share that message.

Here are few ideas on how you can begin to communicate this new treatment option with them.

  • Do you play the looping video in your waiting room?
  • Send out a series of emails sharing the co morbidities associated with a compromised airway.
  • Provide your patients with marketing materials in your office.
  • Create a monthly drawing for attending a patient education meeting.
  • When a patient leaves and says “this was great” do not be afraid to ask for referrals!

Share with us other ideas that you may have on how your internally market to your patients. We want to hear your successes!

External Marketing

Now let’s talk external marketing. External Marketing is about building relationships with other offices and medical providers. It is also about visibility for your practice! External marketing is all about referral relationships and visibility (digital and otherwise

When trying to establish a new referral source it is important to build that relationship- not only with the referring provider but also with their staff.  

Remember: relationships take time to build! Don’t be “one and done” at any office! Just because you stop by once and they don’t send you any referrals doesn’t mean you should abandon them as a potential referral source. Work out a marketing schedule with your staff and decide how many offices per quarter you want to visit. This should work within the marketing budget you have set. Sometimes it takes multiple visits and engagements for a relationship to start! Keep at it!  

Share with us other ideas that you may have on how you externally market your practice!  We want to hear your successes!

Need some ideas? We’ve done the work for you and the price is right!

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Stop by their office to introduce yourself, always try and connect with the doctor even if it is only a short introduction, and don’t forget to bring something for the office! Never walk into an office empty handed, we recommend making it fun and educational!  

When stopping by an office try and set up a lunch and learn with the doctor and their staff! This is an amazing opportunity to show them the PEM and get them excited about the treatment you are providing- and who doesn’t want a free lunch?!

Stay Tuned for the post in our marketing series:

What to put on your website!

The second piece of external marketing is digital! The importance of search rankings and a good website cannot be understated!

Product VivoScore


How About a Test Drive? 

Introducing the VivoScore Trial Program


Just like you we totally get wanting to “kick some tires” before making an investment; enter our VivoScore trial program!

We would love to send up to 5 VivoScore units to your practice so you can try them out– talk to your Practice Advisor today to get started!

This technology allows a patient to record their sleep study data on their smart phone and will update through the cloud-based system – meaning you receive a sleep test prior to seeing your patient back in the office! 

With this technology, providers are now able to screen multiple family members with one sleep test!


Live Session 1-3 Practical Training in Denver, CO!

If you have not yet attended in person training and have completed your training online, we would like to invite you to join us in Denver for Live Session 1-3 where you can put into practice your online learning.

You are invited to bring a staff member with you.  Space is limited so Don’t Delay-Register TODAY!

We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

Additional Courses

Featured This Week!

Coffee With Caulfield: May 7th from 2-3 PM MT

Submit a case for a peer review with Dr. Jon Caulfield.  This peer-to-peer review will provide you with an opportunity to hear from other Vivos providers.  You will have an opportunity to see other cases.

What will you need to be prepared with?

  • Updated AI report
  • Complete set of records
  • Your Diagnosis and Treatment plan

Out with the Old and in with the New! 

Catch these courses before they’re retired- it may be your last chance!

Vivos Aire Part 1: May 5 at 2pm CT

We are retiring several of our Practice Advisory webinars and will be adding several new and exciting courses! Don’t miss out on this final opportunity to view this presentation 

My Essential Role- Front Office: May 12 at 1:30 pm CT

We are retiring several of our Practice Advisory webinars and will be adding several new and exciting courses! Don’t miss out on this final opportunity to view this presentation 

Vivos Aire Part 2:May 19 at 2pm CT

We are retiring several of our Practice Advisory webinars and will be adding several new and exciting courses! Don’t miss out on this final opportunity to view this presentation

My Essential Role- Dental Assistant: May 20 at 2pm CT

Asset Webinar

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A new exploration of the essential role of dentistry in the treatment of the underlying cause of sleep disordered breathing and mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

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