Vida Oral Appliance
A Revolution in TMJ Therapy

Welcome to a new era in TMJ therapy. If you’ve been suffering from TMJ disorders, bruxism, headaches, or any related complications, the VIDA oral appliance is the solution you’ve been searching for. Dive into the myriad benefits this appliance offers.

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Vivos VIDA Oral Appliance

How does VIDA work?

  1. TMJ Healing: VIDA facilitates the natural healing of the TMJ joints by promoting better alignment and function.

  2. Headaches & Bruxism: Specifically indicated to treat TMD, headaches, bruxism, and other issues in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

  3. Muscle Function: Reduces muscle hypertonus, enhancing jaw function and increasing maximum voluntary opening. This reduces muscle pain and the ear symptoms often linked with TMD.

  4. Tongue Positioning: By actively stimulating the palatoglossus muscle, VIDA ensures the posterior part of the tongue stays elevated – preventing it from hindering breathing.

  5. Optimal Breathing: The VIDA appliance is ingeniously designed to allow your tongue a forward, elevated position that promotes efficient nasal breathing.

  6. Nasal Dilation: FDA listed for nasal dilation, VIDA helps to open up nasal passages, ensuring better airflow. Nightly users, like myself, have experienced significant improvements in breathing.

  7. Migraine Relief: Say goodbye to debilitating migraines. VIDA is FDA listed to treat and prevent migraine headaches, boasting a staggering 92% effectiveness rate.

Help your patients regain control of their nights with the VIDA Oral Appliance designed with better sleep in mind!

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Vivos VIDA Oral Appliance

Why choose VIDA?

Dentist-Friendly:  From a dentist’s perspective, deploying VIDA is straight-forward.

FDA Listed:  The credibility of VIDA is backed by its FDA listings, both for nasal dilation and for migraine relief.

Cost-Effective:  A win-win for both dentists and patients, VIDA is highly profitable for dental practices and affordable for patients.

Additional Information

Records that are needed to order these appliances:

Digital Scan or Models, Bite Registration. (You can bypass an AI report for these appliances. However, a clinical consultation will not be available without an AI report.)

Where can I learn more about these appliances?  

There are new courses available to watch on My Absorb and handouts are also provided.

What can we charge for these appliances? 

The average cost for a MAD appliance is $2500-$4500. (Stay competitive within your market.)


Can I bill this to Medical and or Dental? 

Yes. this appliance is billable either dental or medical.

For additional support or questions reach out to the PA support line at 720-664-3320.


"As a nightly user of the VIDA Appliance, not only do I breathe better with my nasal passages opened up, but the relief from TMD and associated symptoms has been remarkable. The improvement in quality of life is undeniable."

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