“Vivos is the answer.”

– Dr. Drew Randall

Dr. Randall on the Airway Connection

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Drew Randall, a general dentist and trained Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP).

Dr. Randall dedicated his career to understanding why individuals grind their teeth. In school, dentists are taught that it’s due to stress, misalignment, or a medication’s side effect. But, as Dr. Randall would learn from a virtual course with Vivos, the root cause of these problems is the airway. “The airway connection just became more and more prominent. It was just something that couldn’t be denied.”

With the integration of The Vivos System, dentists and medical providers have the opportunity to change the course of their patients’ lives forever. “If I can provide someone with [an] optimum airway so that they can breathe well when they’re sleeping, man, I’ve solved more problems than I even know that I’m working on.”

“Vivos is the answer.”