“It’s just a very simple appliance that can alter your life in a big way.”

Dr. Angelica Seto

Dr. Angelica Seto on a Simple Solution to OSA

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Angelica Seto, a talented dentist and trained Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP).

Dr. Seto was used to seeing patients come in with generalized wear on their teeth—cavities, decay, and underdevelopment are a western norm. Snoring is another commonly reported symptom, which causes stress on the individual affected and their bed partner. “The most common symptoms and comorbidities [for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)] are weight gain, obesity, and with that comes diabetes,” she shared. “In children, we see a high diagnosis of attention deficit disorder or ADD.”

As we learn more about the airway structure and its impact on our ability to get deep and restful sleep, we understand that the development of the airway and orofacial bone and muscles is not hereditary. Individuals with narrow palettes, a high arch, and sleep disturbances are likely suffering from an underdeveloped jaw, airway obstruction, and low blood oxygen saturation levels. Thankfully, Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. has a solution to rid the world of OSA once and for all.

“[One] of the reasons I really love Vivos is the Vivos appliance is a very small appliance. It’s not very intrusive. It’s not bulky. It doesn’t cause noise like your CPAP machine. It’s just a very simple appliance that can alter your life in a big way,” Dr. Seto shared. “Having a small appliance that you can sleep with and even wear throughout the day and talk to other people with is huge.”

The Vivos Method is nonintrusive, noninvasive, and nonsurgical. It’s simple and easy to implement. And patients love that treatment is usually 12–24 months, with a noticeable impact on their quality of life almost immediately.

“To see the changes within a year that people can have, it’s amazing.”