What Is AireO2?

May 31, 2022

AireO2 is not only a place to house medical records for dentists, but it is also a full-service EHR (electronic health record) system with customizable functionality for what will work in each individual office. AireO2 is a one-stop shop for all things medical in a dental office, designed for dentists, by dentists! This cloud-based software only requires internet access to use. No servers, downloads, or special equipment needed! Did you know that you can even enroll through the BIS with a software-only package? You do not need to utilize the medical billing services to have access to AireO2.

Although AireO2 is built for the Vivos practice, it is also backed by BlueEHR developers, which means that Vivos utilizes their software and customizes the medical features for a dental practice.

Let’s look at the standard features that come with every database and are available to all who enroll.

Features of AireO2

Patient Portal

The AireO2 Patient Portal is an excellent place to enroll your patients efficiently and effortlessly. You can assign your patients a password and email them medical intake forms such as the Patient Health History form, which will in turn populate information in the patient demographic area once completed. The forms’ dashboard allows you to maintain records by seeing who has started their paperwork and who has not. No more scanning and saving needed!

Simply check the appropriate boxes beside the forms you would like to email to your patient, and the information will come back into the system upon completion! If a patient does not have access to the internet, no problem! You can allow them to access the portal in the office via a computer or iPad. Don’t worry if you like paper forms, as we can accommodate that as well with the document area of each patient chart.

Electronic Forms in SOAP Note Format

Did you know that the primary reason for medical claim denial is the lack of appropriate medical records on hand to support medical necessity? The insurance payers are banking on that so they do not have to pay for medical services in a dental office. AireO2 helps eliminate this by providing all the medical forms you need in an electronic format designed with efficiency and medical necessity in mind.

Utilizing these forms expedites the patient process, quickly getting you on to your next patient by populating Soap Notes as you fill out pertinent patient information, such as the head and neck form. No need to go back and fill out after or type lengthy notes—the system does it for you, allowing your visit with your patient to move through the process smoothly.

Letter Generator

Save time with our LMN templates. The AireO2 system uses macros to pull in information from your visit to load and create letters of medical necessity quickly. You can easily do this inside of the patient encounter you are already working on while seeing your patients. AireO2 was designed with the busy dentist and office staff in mind so that offices can spend more time focusing on patient care by eliminating paper charts and manual processes.

Robust Scheduling

AireO2 provides a convenient scheduling system that allows you to assign doctors and rooms directly through the calendar. You can send reminders for upcoming visits if you’ve signed up with the SMS services for only five cents a text. Stay tuned for the next update, which will include add-on features.

Patient Ledger & Statements

This area is designed for an office to have a one-click capability to print an invoice and give it directly to your patient. With the click of a button, It comes with your office name and the amount owed. Manage your money owed and send out patient statements just as easily. This is all housed in a separate module, or you can get t it directly from the patient demographic area.

Advanced Reporting

We have designed an area to help you keep track of anything else you want. Whether it be money collected, claims paid, services rendered, or outstanding money, we have a solution for you to get your answers on the fly. Our reporting system is totally customizable, and there is already customized reporting available.

Check out what AireO2 looks like:

Overview of AireO2 desktop interface

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