AIS Update

September 12, 2023

Update on Vivos Therapeutics Product Support

We’re excited to announce that we have streamlined the process for our providers to get in touch with our experts. This is part of our ongoing commitment to offer the highest level of support and to simplify communication.

What’s New?

  • Name Change: Our ‘Appliance Design’ team is now referred to as the ‘AIS Product Support’.
  • Direct Access: Providers can now directly reach out to the AIS Product Support team for any product-related questions. The AI Admin team will help support Product Support team to ensure any questions or concern is resolved.
  • A Direct Line for Quick Queries: Providers can use this direct line for immediate answers on appliance selection, design, addressing potential roadblocks, and any other technical questions related to the Vivos Method.
  • In-depth Consultations: For a comprehensive discussion regarding cases, providers can continue to schedule their consultations through the Vivos Aire portal.

This change has been implemented to ensure that our providers receive fast, expert guidance, ensuring they can offer the best possible care to their patients. We believe that by offering quicker solutions and easier access to our team, we’ll empower our providers to further excel in treating sleep apnea with the Vivos system.