Becoming Patient Treatment Advocates :The Power of One

Speaker: Wendy Briggs, RDH


“At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train.” – S. L. Parker

There is true power in building a team of people who become advocates for your patients. What would it mean to your practice and your patients to have a team loaded with people who understand the impact they can have? In this lecture, Wendy will walk attendees through the true opportunities that exist when we focus on the patient. Becoming an advocate for them creates a bigger impact on their health and the growth of your practice. Wendy will walk through proven systems to help with the implementation of world-class patient care.


  1. Attendees will explore how to create a patient-focused culture that drives practices forward.
  2. We will discuss systems to create empowered team members and hygienists that take ownership of the three roles of hygiene.
  3. Attendees will understand the impact ONE necessary service can have on fueling growth in the practice.
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Credits: 1.5


Course Categories: Self-Improvement 

Subject Code: 550

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Lecture

Prerequisites: NA

Sponsor(s): Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

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