Braden Bennett

Braden Bennett is a highly organized and strategic operations leader with a strong background in the medical device industry. With expertise in project management, financial management, and process improvement, Braden has consistently demonstrated the ability to align business strategies with operational objectives, resulting in optimized resource utilization, cross-functional collaboration, and streamlined systems. With a deep understanding of medical device technology and patient care, Braden possesses strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. 

Currently serving as the Director of Product and Technology at Vivos, Braden has played a pivotal role in the development and optimization of backend systems and services. By leveraging his expertise, he has successfully streamlined treatments for patients and providers. In addition, Braden effectively manages complex operational systems, including client services, customer support, implementation, training, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing. Through collaboration with internal stakeholders and partners, Braden evaluates new product opportunities and utilizes data analysis to drive strategic decision-making across multiple operational teams. His strong project management skills have been instrumental in leading successful initiatives with stakeholders from executive, operations, product, and IT teams. 

As a Lecturer, Braden showcases his passion for education and regulatory compliance. He excels in creating and optimizing educational programs that meet industry standards, delivering in-person presentations to a diverse audience of approximately 150 individuals bi-monthly. With a keen eye for continuous improvement, Braden conducts regular audits and revisions based on client feedback and industry trends. His research capabilities enable him to present data effectively in both written and verbal formats. By utilizing data analysis, Braden assesses content performance, ensures client understanding, and identifies future content needs.