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Home Sleep Tests: A Deep Dive Part IV

Tips and Tricks from Dr. Sahil Chopra

How to have a conversation with a patient about their sleep test results

  • Reassure them that OSA is treatable.
  • Remind them that therapy for a sleep disorder will be personalized to their preference (and make sure to do so).
  • Remember to look for degradation between normal and abnormal on the form based on color (green, yellow, or red).

3 reasons why it’s important to do multi-night testing

  1. It allows the patient to experiment with what they think helps them sleep better at night.
  2. It gives a better picture of what a patient’s sleep is really like by showing multiple time points.
  3. It helps a patient realize that results are not a fluke and accept the fact that there’s an issue with their sleep.
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Thank You, Phoenix and Salt Lake City!

We had a great time training some amazing VIPS and teams in Phoenix and Salt Lake City last week!

We’re Coming to a City Near You!

Dive into a Q&A with Vivos leadership and attend seminars taught by the experts from Empower Sleep, MyoCorrect, and more.

Locations include Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Austin, Dallas, Orange County, Atlanta, Orlando, Seattle, Sacramento, Baltimore, Washington DC, Charlotte, and more! Find a city near you and register today!

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Join Us for Invaluable In-Person Training at the Vivos Institute!

Sessions 1–3 Practical

Our Live Practical Course is available to all Vivos VIPs who have completed Sessions 1–3 virtually. This is a hands-on course where you will review everything learned from Sessions 1–3, go through the record process as a patient, and take the records as the doctor. You will also get hands-on training with Vivos guides and the DNA/mRNA appliances.

TMJ Part 1:

Building the Bite

Learn how to build a bite for optimal airway with Dr. Jon Caulfield and Maryam Motlagh in this two-day introductory course on TMJ.

Medical Billing

This elective course will cover everything from the basics of how to verify eligibility and benefits to how to foster a peer-to-peer relationship with an insurance company.

Leadership in Your Practice

This is a two-day course designed for both the doctor and office manager to attend together. During this course, you will learn communication skills, listening skills, how to create the culture you want in your office, and tools to help with staff retention.

Advanced Practical Training

This three-day course will put the pieces together from everything you have previously learned in Sessions 1-5. Doctors will learn how to speak with confidence when talking to a patient, identify complex cases, and troubleshoot problems.


  1. Attend Session 1-3 Live Practical
  2. Complete Session 1-5 webinars
  3. Start a minimum of 5 cases


Vivos Captain Training

This two-day course is designed for the Vivos Captain to attend. The Captain will learn how to hold the team accountable for the roles and responsibilities they play in an airway center. This training includes hands-on training for driving case starts and being a leader in your practice.

New Webinars Coming This Week!

Join us for these educational and interactive webinars hosted by the Practice Advisory team.

Patient Education Meeting
Thursday, February 10

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Check out the updated 2022 medical (HCPCS) and dental (CDT) codes for billing!

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