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The Airway Integration Tour is BACK!

We’re excited to announce that the Airway Integration Tour is back and coming to a city near you in 2022! Bring your team to this informative team-building training event!

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Vivos is hitting the open road and bringing our innovative airway integration training to you!

Join us for this VIP exclusive, “Airway Made Easy.” Taught by Susie McCullough, you and your team will leave with concrete steps for the following:

  • An improved patient experience that focuses on each patient’s total health
  • Increased case acceptance
  • A better understanding of specific steps for each team member
  • Reduced patient visits with increased productivity
  • A better understanding of how VivoScore can assist you in treating patient

All About

Logo EmpowerSleep
PNG SleepingMan
Have you heard about Empower Sleep yet? If not, keep reading to find out more.

Empower Sleep is a digital sleep clinic for your dental practice. As a dentist, you play an important role in identifying sleep-related breathing disorders. We’re empowering you to provide accessible, personalized, and affordable sleep care for your patients. Through direct communication channels and continuous care, we help to streamline the information flow with the patient, creating efficient and collaborative care.

Empower Sleep is a fantastic tool to get your home sleep tests read, dentist to physician consultations set up, and Rxs submitted!

Find Out More

Join Us for Live Training!

Our Live Practical Course is available to all Vivos VIPs who have completed Sessions 1–3 virtually. This is a hands-on course where you will review everything learned from Sessions 1–3, go through the record process as a patient, and take the records as the doctor. You will also get hands-on training with Vivos guides and the DNA/mRNA appliances.

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Exciting Webinars Coming This Week!

Join us for these educational and interactive webinars hosted by the Practice Advisory team!

Construction Bite
Friday, January 14

A Direction on Home Sleep testsWednesday, January 19

Treatment Planning with an AI ReportFriday, January 21

We are pleased to invite you to join our Clinical Advisor Network call tonight!

This call will be hosted by Dr. Tara Griffin and her group of clinical advocates: Dr. Lee Daniels, Dr. Amy Dayries, and Dr. Melissa Rosello.

When: Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Time: 7:30 PM–9 PM EST (1.5 hrs)

Meeting Agenda/Discussions:

  • Kickstart the new year with discussions on the following:
    • Companywide updates with Natalie
    • Wins and top pearls for treatment acceptance integrated in 2021 by Dr. Griffin
    • Connection before content by Dr. Dayries
    • New Year’s resolutions with Dr. Daniels
    • Importance of attending live trainings by Dr. Rosello
  • Q&A
Square TipTues
Square TipTuesTriple

Join our Medical Billing Live Course! This elective course will cover everything from the basics of how to verify eligibility and benefits to how to have a peer-to-peer with an insurance company.


January 27, 2022
Denver, CO, at The Vivos Institute


Did you know that you can bill myofunctional therapy to medical insurance? The BIS has been seeing great reimbursements, and we are here to help guide you on your myofunctional therapy medical billing journey.

If you are seeing patients for myofunctional therapy, billing to the patient’s medical insurance is a great way to ensure proper compensation for you and your patients. You can bill out each time you render services for therapy!

Check out the medical billing resource area in MyAbsorb for procedure codes and proper documentation requirements.

Here are some examples of the payments the BIS has been seeing. Multiply this every time you see your patients, and that is a great way to bring in some additional income. Many offices are billing anywhere from 10 to 16 therapy sessions per myofunctional therapy patient!

EOB from UHC


Service Line ItemService DateProcedure Code Units (Modifiers)ChargeAllowedNot AllowedDeductibleCo-insuranceCopayLate Filing Red.Paid

EOB from Aetna

Service DatePLService CodeNumber of ServicesSubmitted ChargesAllowable Negotiated AmountsCopayNot PayableRemarksDeductibleCo- insurancePatient ResponsibilityPayable Amount

EOB from Medica

Service DateAd ProdSvcNumber of UnitsChargesAllowedPatient ResponsibilityPrimary PaidProvider ResponsibilityWithholdAdjustment ReasonRemarksPayment Amount

As always, reach out to for further consulting on these codes and how we can assist in getting reimbursement for MyoCorrect.

Happy New Year, and Happy Medical Billing!

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