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At a Loss for Words?


Q: As a hygienist how do I connect the dots for my patient?

A:  This is a great question! It’s important to ensure that every hygiene patient fills out a Sleep & Breathing Questionnaire! This plants a seed that you can reference back to when they’re in the chair.


Here’s how it goes!

Step One

Review the sleep and breathing questionnaire like you would review health history.

Step Two

Pick one or two items and talk about those with your patient. Remember, this is not a PEM, so keep it brief.

For example, consider saying something like, “I noticed you indicated that you experience chronic headaches, snoring, and even wake up feeling tired. Can you tell me more about that?”

Step Three

Pass your patient to a doctor, who will review the next steps with them.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to mention the ADA recommendation!

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Asset Caravan

We want to thank all of the doctors and teams who attended the Airway Integration Tour in Denver, Dallas, and Salt Lake City.

During the tour, attendees were challenged to screen as many patients as they could as part of their training. As a collective, these providers did 832 screenings with VivoScore. Out of these screenings, 43% of patients had OSA. Even more exciting, they submitted 63 RXs!

We want to congratulate the following doctors and teams for submitting five or more RXs:

Dr. Christensen (Denver)

Dr. Crofoot (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Kraft (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Simkins (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Peterson (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Musso (Dallas)

Dr. Krishan (Dallas)

Dr. Larsen (Dallas)

Dr. Nels (Dallas)

Dr. Kim (Dallas)

We will be sending you five VivoScore Rings for attending the AIT and submitting five patient RXs

Registration is NOW OPEN!

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We’re excited to host this incredible event at Caesars Palace.
Bring your whole team for a fun-filled getaway on October 20–23!

Agenda and Accommodation Information Coming Soon

VivoScore – LMS Training is here!

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We’re excited to have several new VivoScore training modules available on your MyAbsorb LMS!
Log into your account today, search “VivoScore,” and enroll in any of the courses of your choosing!

New courses include the following:

Module 1 – Introduction to VivoScore

Module 2 – How to Register Your Account

Module 3 – SleepImage Account Overview

Module 4 – Teaching a Patient How to Use VivoScore

Module 5 – Sleep Testing Pediatrics

Module 6 – Accessing Your Reports

Module 7 – Basic Review of the Report

Module 8 – Functionality of Clinician Account

Module 9 – Troubleshooting

Module 10 – Additional Resources

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Curious about medical billing for oral surgery? Then join us November 19–20 in Denver!

In-person VIP doctors will receive $500 off by using the coupon code CE4VIP. This is not applicable for staff, associate doctors, or virtual attendees. If you would like more information, please follow the QR code, go to, or email Jodi Pollock at

Upcoming Webinars!

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Construction Bite

Friday, August 27 @ 1 p.m. MDT

Do you have any questions, or do you ever get stuck while trying to take a construction bite for your Vivos patients? Join us for this webinar as the Airway Intelligence team presents helpful tips and tricks on how to best capture this record.