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ICSM Training Session Registration

You can view ICSM courses, with details of each course (date, time, agenda), and register yourself or team members directly from the vAire home page.

Need to access MyAbsorb (learning management system) but don’t have the link saved? Log into VivosAire; on the dashboard, you will find quick and easy access to the LMS. Here, you can find additional training videos and all the documents needed to integrate Vivos into your practice!

Vivos Absorb Learning Managment
Clinical Research Publications

Looking for easy access to clinical articles, research, and publication? Right on the homepage, we have a tab of articles to browse. Not finding what you are looking for? Reach out to your practice advisor for access to additional articles.

The Vivos Cloud Knowledge Base tab is your go-to place for quick and easy access to learn how to do the following:

  • Find the required records for adults and children in PDF
  • Use VivosAire supported browsers
  • Print NP forms for adults/children
  • Print the Head & Neck form

Watch training videos on how to do the following:

  • Access an AI report and prepare for an AI consultation
  • Create a new patient account
  • Create a Vivos DNA/mRNA Rx
  • Create a Vivos Guide Rx
  • Export digital impressions as STL files
  • Update patient records throughout treatment

Understand the following:

  • Vivos clinical algorithm for appliance design
  • Find the Vivos DNA adjustment cheat sheet
vivos cloud knowledge base
Product VivoScore

VivoScore Software Update


VivoScore powered by SleepImage would like to announce a software update: Version 2.11.0

We are proud to announce the latest release of SleepImage System v2.11.0, representing our ongoing efforts to develop the SleepImage System to improve customer experience and usability. The SleepImage development team would like to thank those who provided feedback, which was the catalyst for some of these new features.

Release Highlights

Patient Sharing


SleepImage 2.11.0 makes collaboration and interdisciplinary care easier by allowing SleepImage users to share patients with other SleepImage users. This means that it is no longer necessary for sleep specialists working with multiple nonsleep-specialized clinicians to have a multitude of credentials.  They can simply create their own free SleepImage account and provide those credentials (the account email address) to their collaborators.

For more information, see page 15 in the SleepImage System Instructions for Use Version 2.11.0.

CSV Download

Users can now download a CSV file containing every report in their account. CSV files can still be exported for each report individually, but this new tool expands functionality.

For more information, see page 18 in the SleepImage System Instructions for Use Version 2.11.0.

The latest versions of our Documentation and Instructions for Use are in the Help Tab of your SleepImage account.

Please also see our infographic page for the SleepImage App.

We appreciate your partnership with SleepImage. We hope you will find this new functionality to be beneficial.

Please send feedback or feature requests to

We are excited announce additional support for VivoScore, powered by SleepImage. Beginning Tuesday, May 25th our amazing help desk team added support for all needs around VivoScore.

Please reach out to them with any questions or concerns!

Phone: 720-399-9322 Email:


Live Session 1-3 Practical Training in Denver, CO!

If you have not yet attended in-person training and have completed your training online, we would like to invite you to join us in Denver for Live Session 1–3, where you can put into practice your online learning.

You are invited to bring a staff member with you. Space is limited, so don’t delay: register TODAY!

We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

April LIVE Training is full. Our next available date is May 13–15, 2021.

Advanced Clinical Training

Are you a provider who has done 10 or more cases?

If so, and you have not yet attended Sessions 4 and 5, sign up now for Advanced and Interactive clinical training!

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