AireO2 101: Powerful Add-on Features

June 7, 2022

On last week’s feature of AireO2, we focused on standard features included with the platform. But did you know that there are also many additional add-on features that can be integrated with everyday use in your offices to help with efficiency and ease of use? We’re bringing these items to you—all conveniently located in one place! How amazing is that?

Let’s look over all of the add-on capabilities in AireO2. Some of these are wired to work with third parties outside of the database but integrate seamlessly to ensure that you can utilize them within and outside of the platform.

ONE THING TO NOTE about our AireO2 support: You will notice that it is not listed as an add-on feature. AireO2 training and support specialists are here to support our VIPs, and we do not charge for support. It’s all included: training, bug support, customizations, and more.

Many software companies charge you in case you need support or help with the system they provide. We think this should be included with your monthly fee, which is why we offer billing, software, and support. We also have software-only packages available!

Appointment Reminders

AireO2 can integrate with your contacts and AireO2 demographic pages to ensure that patients always know when they have a scheduled appointment. You can set time intervals for SMS (text) messages to go out and customize what they say. You’ll have messages coming from your office without having to take the time out for phone calls and wasting important hourly employee costs!

Appointment reminders cost $100 for set-up and $0.0005 per SMS message thereafter.

Integrated Fax

AireO2 has partnered with SFax to get your faxes where they need to go with the content you want included. This means you can send faxes directly from your AireO2 database. There’s no need to create a cover letter or scan, merge, upload, and send documents from your computer unless you want to. You can choose electronic forms created for previous visits to send to other doctors as well. Requesting Rx signatures and patient documents is a breeze. You will also receive an Sfax account that you can manage from outside the AireO2 software. You can use this as your only fax account if you would like. We provide you with the setup and the login information, and you can use it right away.

Integrated fax costs $100 at setup and $10/month thereafter.


There’s no need to sign up for another system to communicate quickly with your patients securely while staying within HIPPA guidelines. You can use blueTeleMed and communicate directly through the system with your patient. This allows you to document time spent and update information in the system in real time while speaking with your patient. It’s nice to be able to complete certain types of follow-up visits virtually!

Telemedicine costs $100 at setup and $15/month thereafter, with $0.25 cents per minute for use.

Payment Processing

Take payments directly through AireO2. There’s no need to set up a new system to get those patient payments coming through. And with integrations on our frontend payment and ledger functions, it keeps a running track for you of what has been collected and what is owed. All of this is at your fingertips, available to pull with a click of a button, to provide receipts and transactions for your patients easily. They work hand in hand with our customized reporting and analytics dashboard and make it easy to see what’s coming in and out of the system.


You can utilize this area to communicate and set up a referral-management system with other providers in your area. This is a third-party system integrated for use; both you and the other providers will need to have access to this to be able to utilize the system. There is a whole dashboard designed to easily allow you to receive and send referrals of patients to other providers in your area using the address book in the software. Very easy and time-efficient to use.

Pricing can vary for your specific demographic area, so this will have to be discussed on an as-needed basis. Typical cost to get set up can be $300–$500, depending on EMR direct.


This feature is convenient if you are prescribing medication and is typically used for offices that are conducting oral surgery. If you would like to set this up, there is a third-party cost through EPCS for the year, and pricing varies for schedule levels of the e-prescriber per year.

Only dentists allowed to order DEA-scheduled pharmaceuticals will be allowed to register for this service. A third party completes an outside verification process during setup. Since this is different for each provider, setup fees will vary, but we will inform you of any associated costs before moving forward in the process. The cost associated with AireO2 setup is $150 per user, not including the third-party pricing.

Custom Form Building

Do you have intake forms that you love? Would like to be able to track who fills these forms out and where they are at in the process? Is there an assessment form you cannot live without in your office? We can add these forms into the system and house them as an electronic document that can be sent to your patients. The first five pages are included for $200, with each additional page costing $50. We want you to use what you would like in the system and can help support you along the way.

Ability to Add Users 

While three initial users are included, you can add additional users for $80 per month. This will need to be requested through [email protected]

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us so that we can assist you. We love hearing from our VIPs and would love to connect with you!

Please reach out to [email protected] to schedule your demo of the AireO2 software today!